Production of Jizi



We constantly update our design and offer fashion a step ahead of the times. We can create an original model specially made for you based on a photo of your desired image. We also stock many items: vintage books and magazines, jackets, coats, and we can even handle a request for example “the suit worn by Alain Delon in the movie of the 70s”. Realizing the requested image of clothes accurately and adding elements of the times on it. That is Jizi’s clothes making which can’t be found in other tailors.



Jizi is a small tailor but has great determination. We visit Europe at least four times a year and order fabrics that we truly like at trade shows in each country. Sometimes we even buy vintage fabrics we come across by chance at local markets. We don’t have a large amounts of stock like a big tailor, but we promise to offer you unique fabrics that can only be found at Jizi. Cotton in spring, linen in summer, silk in autumn and flannel in winter, you will have a great pleasure of choosing fabric from our wide variety of selection.



We’re often asked about where our design inspiration comes from. We get inspiration from not only fashion shows or magazines, but also from the places we visit in the foreign countries. And they are not always cities like Paris or Milan, but small county towns or quiet fishing villages. Women chatting in the street, a detail of a private house’s wall, a vivid colored tram, the sand color of the beach, these sceneries and colors we encountered on the streets are our inspiration and create unique design like no other. We believe clothes that express one’s individuality is born out of such sources.